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Glass Vials – Amber, Snuff, And Vials With Spoons & Cover Options

Tinctures are an increasingly popular way to enjoy herb extracts. If you count yourself as a fan of these extracts, you know how important it is to store these substances securely.

Investing in a small vial with cover or amber glass vials is the perfect way to safely store tinctures or anything else you may need to keep handy. Glass is the ideal material for this purpose because it is nonporous, meaning that other liquids and substances cannot penetrate the vial.
We also have small vials with spoons, which are another great option if you want convenient access to the contents of your vial. The spoon makes it easy to quickly portion out part of your tincture. The built-in spoon is often more convenient to use than a dropper, which makes this product the perfect solution to your tincture storage needs.
If you need a storage solution for powdered contents such as ground herb, snuff vials offer the solution you seek. Snuff vials were originally introduced several centuries ago in China as a way to store powdered tobacco.

They are still an essential accessory for smokers, and the nonporous surface of the glass means that moisture is kept out while odors are kept in.

Amber glass vials can also conceal the appearance of the vial’s contents, so your privacy is preserved.