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Custom Rolling Trays & Sets, Shatterproof Glass Trays, Bamboo Storage Boxes, & More

Shop our procured collection of various accessories and parts here at Double Apple Wholesale!

We have a large collection of metal rolling trays, bamboo storage boxes, silicone ashtrays, cone fillers, and more.

A rolling tray is typically a flat, rectangular tray that is designed to help roll your papers. Our rolling trays at Double Apple Wholesale come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors! We have Japanese art styles, holographic trays, and even quirky round trays. Our most popular trays are our metal rolling trays, our shatterproof glass trays, and our rechargeable LED light rolling tray for a sweet experience!

We also have unique bamboo storage boxes from Buddies that come in either a small, medium, or large size depending on your preference. Or maybe you'd like a cool selection of silicone ashtrays for a smokeless experience. Smokeless ashtrays are typically designed to reduce ETS exposure by removing gas-phase contaminants from smoke plumes.

Either way, Double Apple Wholesale has got you covered with any smoking accessory or part that you need. Contact us today if you need help finding a product or have any questions or concerns!