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Premium Glass Bowls & Bubble Bowls

Bowls are an essential component of any smoker’s routine. Unlike pipes and other smoking mechanisms, a bowl allows you to pack in more of your favorite herb and share with friends, making it the ideal option for social smoking sessions.

Of course, there are a range of different glass bong bowls available and choosing the right one is essential when you want to enjoy the maximum impact of your herb.
Some important criteria to consider when you’re shopping are the safety and the ergonomic convenience that a bowl can offer. Glass bubble bowls, for example, are ideal for protecting your herb and offering advanced insulation. The shape of a bubble bowl ensures that the outer layer of glass stays cool, making it easy to handle without any risk of burns.
You can also enjoy your herb by investing in a glass on glass join bowl. This type of bowl is compatible with most types of bongs, and it typically features a ground glass stem that conveniently fits in your device. The ground glass makes it easy to insert and remove, and the versatility of this piece makes it essential for any herb enthusiast.

No matter what kind of smoking experience you’re looking for, Double Apple Wholesale has the best selection of bowls that can range from 9.5 to 18mm glass bowls; which includes our popular 14mm bowls as well!