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Hemp Wick Products – RAW, Bee Line, Afghan Hemp, & More

Rolling papers in general are made from natural fibers, and there are a few different types, including wood, flax, or a combination of the two. These natural fibers are then extracted and rolled into very thin sheets. Sometimes some companies will use calcium carbonate along with pressure and heat to further bleach the paper for proper use.

The main difference between hemp paper and regular rolling paper is that hemp papers tend to have far fewer chemicals and additives than regular paper. Hemp is quite literally one of the oldest plants in existence that has been used for thousands of years to produce paper, clothing items, various ropes, and food. Hemp can grow up to 10 feet tall and is able to survive in most climates, making it one of the more resilient plants, and it is even referred to as industrial hemp.

Hemp fiber is one of the strongest fibers and can usually be separated into two categories to produce paper: short pulp fiber and long blast fiber. Short pulp fiber is lighter and it is much easier to produce paper with it than with long blast fibers, which are more dense and coarse.

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