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Santa Cruz Shredder Grinder

As an herb enthusiast, you know how important it is to get the right consistency for your product. If you grind your herb too coarsely, it may burn unevenly, but if you grind it too finely, it may be too powdery to pack effectively.

Our Santa Cruz shredder addresses these issues and offers a perfectly fluffy consistency for your next smoking session. This device features incredibly strong teeth and magnetically secured lids.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of our Santa Cruz shredder grinder, though, is its superior resistance to dulling. Most grinders eventually become dull after continuous use, but the Santa Cruz shredder 3 piece is designed to retain its sharpness longer than other hemp grinders on the market.

It’s also safer thanks to the fact that its aluminum will never flake or release burrs. The result is a reliable grind every single time you use this device.
Our Santa Cruz shredder 3 piece set comes with everything you need to start enjoying your herb. This model typically does not include a screen, but the ideal consistency of the herb means that you won’t miss it. Indeed, this device is smell-proof and waterproof, making it great for storage as well as for shredding.

Best of all, the Santa Cruz line of shredders is totally eco-friendly and even includes grinders that are biodegradable.