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Bubble & Glass Carb Caps, Glass Bowls, Downstem Sizes – 12mm-18mm

Here at Double Apple Wholesale, we have a large variety of bubble and glass carb caps and glass bowls, and a variety of downstem sizes that range between 12mm to 18mm.

A carb cap is a dab tool that is available in many colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. Carb caps are typically made from heat-resistant material, like quartz, glass, or titanium. They seal the bucket on something called a dab nail or banger after the dab has been dropped in. Carb caps serve many purposes, including directing airflow and vaporizing at lower temperatures. A glass carb cap will help you get the most out of your oil rig and concentrate!

A nail is a shallow dish that'll slide down into the downstem of your dab rig, and it is the component to which you will apply heat and in which you will drop and vaporize your concentrates. There are two main types of dab nails that you can use with your dab rigs: nails with a dome and domeless nails.

Nails that require a dome slide over the top of a heated nail to help evenly distribute heat and retain vapor. Domeless nails do not require the use of the additional dome piece. Instead, they have a larger dish feature and an opening in the center so that the vapor can travel into the rig.

Our downstem sizes range from 12mm to 18mm to provide optimal use for pulling smoke or vapor into the water before being inhaled.

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