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Sand & Quartz Bangers, Bowls & Acrylic Displays, E-Nail Kits & Atomizers, and Glob Mop Swabs

What is a banger?

A banger (in the vaporizer world) is a dish that is used to vaporize your product concentrate in a water pipe or dab rig. Bangers vary in size and design but usually have a circular shape and are typically made out of glass, quartz, ceramic material, or titanium. These various materials retain heat differently and require different techniques for cleaning.

When bangers are made with proper materials, the banger's design allows the product to withstand high temperatures associated with vaporizing concentrates and offers a clean and flavorful experience. Usually quartz and glass are the optimal materials used for bangers.

A banger in general will fit into the joint of a dab rig or water pipe. Bangers interestingly come with both male and female joints to ensure the corresponding joint will fit.

Many people use the word "banger" and "nail" interchangeably; however, they are a little bit different. They both serve the same purpose to vaporize concentrate, but a banger has a bucket shape, making it more of a container. This bucket shape makes it a great container for sauce or any other concentrate that is on the wetter side of the scale. A nail has more of a flat head, making it ideal for firmer concentrates.

Carb caps are highly recommended for bangers because carb caps vaporize all of the content so that there is no waste left on the nail. Caps aren't required, but they are definitely recommended for a better experience.

We also carry e-nail atomizers and e-nail kits in our collection.

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