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OOZE Waxmaid White Rhino
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Wholesale Silicone Products

The silicone water pipes we have for sale include Waxmaid silicone pipes, among some of the most indestructible products available. The silicone water pipe wholesale options range from hand pipes to nectar collectors, caps and bowls. Brands besides Waxmaid that you can offer for your customers include Ooze, Puffco and Randy's.

These products provide alternatives for smokers tired of dealing with the frustrations of pipes that break. The number of choices available makes it easier to keep your customers satisfied. These silicone products provide the same satisfactory smoking experience without the chance of breakage.

Our products come in convenient wholesale lots that give customers plenty of variety. With many displays ranging from six to 70 items, you'll never have to worry about your most in-demand products running out.