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Smell-Proof Backpacks, Quik Wikk Cases, Pipe Cases, Water Pipe Cases, & More

Double Apple Wholesale always wants to keep our smoke technology up to date, like with our smell-proof backpacks and Quik Wikk cases!

It kinda sounds too good to be true. Are smell-proof backpacks actually smell-proof? Long story short, yes. Just like the name of the product says, a smell-proof bag is a container that is designed to eliminate odor coming from whatever is placed inside it. These kinds of bags are typically used to lock in the smell of various smoking products or accessories, like vaporizers, papers, glass, and more. We also carry smell-proof cases and pouches as well! Smell-proof backpacks are usually made from activated carbon lined with charcoal. Synthetic fibers from regular bags and pouches do not leak odor because they do not have leaky fabric to let odors out like natural fibers do.

We always strive for brand-name, high-quality fabrics and creative designs that go into all of the odor-resistant bags, pipe cases, and water pipe cases that we carry at Double Apple Wholesale. Whether you are shopping for a storage bag or a case for your pipe, we have a large collection at your hands.

We also have hard cases for storing delicate pieces as well as soft cases and pouches for vaporizer kits and stashes. These are perfect for traveling on the road or just as storage for your products.

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